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Dita Garbo

Stage time:  Main Stage 4:15pm | 15th July 2023
Drag artist, performer, host, producer & educator, Dita Garbo is many things. Returning to Drag in 2021 after 20 years when she first started working as a drag artist in Madrid, she soon started Punk&Plume’s Kings Queens & Inbetweens. Which continues on today to sell out audiences and now also brings you KiKi - LGBTQ+ Club Night. From hosting events, brunches and prides to educating in schools and working with the local lgbtq+ community. Dita is a performer at heart, living, travelling and working as a professional dancer around the world for many years. With her years of experience on stage, The love child of Dita Von Teese & Greta Garbo, Dita knows how to put in a show.

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